It’s mid-summer in some parts of the country, and that means we’re in full summer swing: training for triathlons, half marathons, 5ks, and 3-Days. 

Right about now, you’re wishing you could show up to work out in something cute.  Am I right?

Or maybe you’ve discovered that those loose-fitting pants are becoming more of a chafing problem than you expected? 

The downside of waiting until mid-summer to buy plus-sized athletic apparel is that the manufacturers typically only order “so much” stock.  And if you don’t get in right when the stuff comes out, it’s gone.  Several of the Nike pieces I highlighted on “don’t run naked” are now out of stock; as are the skorts at Land’s End..

But some deals (and cute, functional clothing) remain.  If you’re in need of a multi-purpose run/walk outfit for under $60, this is my advice.  Wear a longer short, which will not creep up, and will keep chafing to a minimum.  Couple it with a breathable tank top which covers your shoulders and prevents you from getting sunburned, while allowing you to get used to the fact that your arms ARE worthy of being seen (and look much cuter without a farmer’s tan!). 

Nike Perfect Fit (or Dri Fit) Long Training Shorts:  $34.99 + Shipping. (Comes with a black or blue top waistband). 

Click here to order. Nike Perfect Fit








REI OXT Tank: $13.99 + Shipping.  Click here to order.


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