I’m one of the few people I know who has no excuses about working out.   I have plenty of time.  I’m not injured.  The weather’s fine.  And yet, since my return from the Minneapolis race ten days ago, I’ve swam three times, run once,  and not done a whole lot else.

Sure, I had company.  Yes, I was working.  But we all have these things – these daily pressures that start to get in our way, make us tired, make us less willing to take care of ourselves.

So what is it that forces you to focus?  For me, it’s the spectre of an upcoming, long, race, with my name etched on a timesheet somewhere.  I’d really like my name to not be last.  (No, really – I’ve been looking at the times from last year’s race, and it’s a distinct possibility.)  For you, it may be the desire to chase your kids around a park.  Or the thought that you want to ride your bike with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Or climb the stairs to the train without sweating through your new shirt (not that I’d know anything about that…)

We all have different motivations, and I think we shouldn’t be afraid to line them up and use them like a Motivation Vending Machine when we need them.  Today, when I’m just a tad more achey and sore from yesterday’s round of golf than a fit person should be, my only goal is to get outside and walk to my errands.  Why?  Because my overdue library books are costing me cash, and I need Diet Coke.  These, my friends, (Caffeine and Cash) are today’s motivators, because a cranky Plus Runner who is low on reading material is NOT a nice Plus Runner.

Tomorrow, I’m getting in an early bike.  Why? Becuase I’m headed off to work as a contractor and I’d like to keep off the 5 pounds I’ve lost in the past month.  And maybe take some more off.  Tomorrow’s Vending Machine Motivation is Dance In the Pants That Brung You (also known as “keep losing weight and you can fit in your old work clothes).

The rest of the week, it’s about keeping fitness up for the Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon, which takes place next Sunday.  I’ll be focusing on just steady workouts, making sure I feel strong, and fit, leading into Sunday.   And also making sure that I don’t let down the people I’ve promised to walk with, to make sure that they get through their 13.1 miles with a smile on their faces.   I suppose you could call that motivation Keep Your Promises and Don’t Get Hurt Doing It.

So, I suppose my advice for today is this: hit up the Motivation Vending Machine for whatever you need.  If it’s the Fear Of Splitting Your Pants, order it up.  Maybe it’s the Desire For a Date This Year.  Or the Ability to Eat Ice Cream This Week.  Do what it takes, but get your butt out the door.  I promise you (PROMISE YOU) you will feel better than if you hit up the cabinets, and you’ll sleep better too. 

I’d love to hear what motivates you….if you have some time, drop me a post, and let me know what your Motivation Vending Machine is serving up this week!

See you on the path!

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