Well, it’s getting close to the end of the season, and that means one thing: we’re already thinking about next year.

If you’ve caught the tri bug this summer, you’re probably wondering what’s next.  Maybe you completed a Sprint this summer.  Maybe you caught the excitement of standing on a beach at dawn, waiting with hundreds, or thousands of other athletes, and realized “I’m one of them.”  Now you’re thinking about what it might take to keep playing.

As I’ve said here before, if you’re a plus-sized athlete (man or woman), finding gear can be hard.  And if you’re like me, until you know you’re in the sport to stay, you’re not going to invest in the gear.

So, assuming you’ve gone through one season of racing now (or maybe more than one) and are looking forward, you should take advantage of some late-season gear deals that you will NOT find for another year. 

Case in point: Xterra Wetsuits is offering a HUGE sale on their sleeved and sleeveless wetsuits.  But it only runs until September 1st.  So if you’re looking, now is the time to order.

Click HERE for more details and to order.

These prices are incredible. You can purchase a sleeveless Vortex 3 for $99.  This is simply because Xterra is not selling through retailers, and they can pass these savings on to us.

Can you afford NOT to buy a wetsuit for $99?  I can’t. I just bought a sleeveless AND a sleeved one, in sizes that will fit me, so I can continue swimming through the fall.  And I did it for under $275.

Sample pics and prices:

Sleeveless Vortex 3 - $99
Sleeveless Vortex 3 - $99
Sleeved Vortex 3 - $149
Sleeved Vortex 3 - $149
Vector Pro $250 Sleeveless
Vector Pro $250 Sleeveless
Vector Pro Sleeved $350
Vector Pro Sleeved $350

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