A few weeks ago, my landlord/friend’s sister Lynn explained her personal chaos theory.  She claimed that there were days, months, maybe even years, where things just sort of imploded – continually – all around her, no matter what kind of great trajectory she may have been on.  Such moments – when you think that not one other thing can go wrong, that nothing else can possibly make you scream (again) are the moments for which Charlie Brown was made famous.  Poor Chuck, so optimistic that just this once, Lucy wouldn’t pull that football out from under him.  Poor Chuck, with the saddest tree ever made.  Poor, poor Chuck.

Today, I had a Chuck Brown day.  Or, as Lynn would say “Chuck Brown, In The House”.  Chuck was there, on the edge of my bed this morning, as I overslept my alarm and threw on clothes (um, shower optional?) to get the car to the shop for repair.

Chuck was laughing silently in the lobby at the dealer as I tapped my foot, waiting for a ride to the train.

He was chuckling outright when they dropped me off at the train – which wouldn’t come again for another hour.  In the rain.  Four miles away from the train that would actually get me downtown to earn money.  And he was still laughing when, at 5:45 PM, I realized that my keys, which I would not be getting back tonight (car not quite finished being repaired) were at the dealer, 12 miles away from me at that very moment.  The dealer, which closed at 6 PM.

Chuck Chuck Brown. What am I going to do with you?

Here’s what I did.  I ranted a bit.  (I did stand at the Des Plaines Metra station and yell, out loud, a pure scream of frustration after realizing my cellphone was dead, and I was going to have to take a cab to the OTHER train station.)  Then I hit the Dunkin Donuts at said secondary station.  Got on the train.  Read a book. Went to work.  And then (wait for it) I met my friend Abby for a walk.

Yep, you read that correctly.  I went and worked out.

I KNOW.  Right???  It just isn’t what you expected. (Frankly, I expected me to be holed up somewhere nursing an off-season Mojito, but alas, I was walking.) 

So WHY and HOW did this crazy thing happen?  Simple: we made plans.  Well, Abby made plans.  She is on a mission, my friend, to be healthy and fit, and to get in 10,000 steps a day.  And once a week, we get together to hoof around her neighborhood (or anyone we see fit).  Okay, we’ve only done it twice.  But we both admit it makes it easier to get a mid-week workout in, and we don’t make excuses.  We just find a way to do it, and make it easy, and we walk.  Tonight, we walked for 4 miles.  FOUR MILES, people!  That’s pretty good!  (Ahem.)

So my point today is this: we all have Chuck Brown days.  Some of us have more of them than others.  But even a Chuck Brown day can’t keep you down if you plan a workout with someone else, and if just ONE of you has the nerve to stick with it.  Today, I could have called Abby and said “Abby, I am cranky and mean and I want to go home, and I don’t even have keys to get in my house, so can you get a stepladder so I can launch my wide ass through the window?”  But I didn’t.  I found the backup keys at another friend’s house; we walked our four miles, and I came home.

So look around your life.  And see if, as you get ready for the Gobble This Challenge, there’s anyone in your world whom you can con into meeting you once a week.  Just once a week will help keep you on track, and motivated.  Find a buddy.  Find a friend.  Chat about life, and family, and jobs, and stuff.  Trust me, the time will fly by, just like it did for us tonight.

Just stay away from the Lucy(s).

See you on the path…

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  1. This is a great entry. Particularly, because I know that when I am having a bad or funky day, the best thing I can do is take myself for a walk or a run. And then the dark cloud magically lifts and all is right with the world again. Good job sticking with your plan 🙂

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