It’s been an fun-filled, busy weekend here in Chicago.  These last few weeks of non-winter slush, snow, and cold have left me a bit energized, and apparently, I’m not the only one.  And while I know that this space is usually reserved for my oh-so-exciting antics in Chicago, today, we’re turning the tables here.

Yep, you read correctly.  Today, I’m excited to share some of YOUR news – some of the great things that you all are doing out there in runner/walker land…

From Michigan: former Chicagoan, current Cubs and Spartans fan, and friend Cindi keeps me smiling most days by posting about how she’s back on the track again – and training for her own Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving. 

From Washington – Kelly is out there, knocking down 2+ miles by now, finding her way on the track – where (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying) she’s setting an awesome example for her two kids, who get to play while Mom runs – watching Kelly make health a priority.  Nicely done!

There’s Diane, in Salt Lake City, who finds the humor (and wisdom) in whatever she’s doing, and despite a recent setback, is taking it one step at a time…

From Cincinnati, there’s Maura, who signed up for the oldest Turkey Trot in the land (and yes, even if you’re walking, it’s a good thing!)…

And there’s many, many more of you, out there, putting one foot in front of the other, just getting it moving.  I just wanted to say I’m really, really honored that you’ve either written, or shared, or just told me what’s up with you lately – because it’s pretty motivating to know you’re out there, pushing too.

So, with that said, I’m looking forward to this week’s Turkey Trot on Thursday.  I took the sticks out again on Saturday, (and didn’t maim anyone); and this morning, I hit up my first Pilates class (if I can walk tomorrow, it will be a small miracle).  Couple that with three hours of power shopping today, and I consider that ‘cross training’.

So here’s to a great pre-Turkey Day week.  If you haven’t thought about your Run Like Hell plan again recently, perhaps revisit it prior to going home.  I know that I will!

Have a great Monday, and I’ll see you on the path!



2 thoughts

  1. Best wishes on your Turkey Trot! I’ll be gimping along at mine and can’t wait to trade “war stories” after we battle it out with the pavement! Be Strong! Although I cannot fully implement the “Run Like Hell” Plan, rest in the knowledge that I will indeed be doing my own version of hobble like hell 🙂

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