Before you fall into the Turducken/Vegan/Turkey coma of the century, I want to say congrats to everyone who completed the Gobble This challenge and ran or walked your Turkey Trots today.  I’m hearing good news from here and far, and wanted to say thanks to everyone who ran on their own today!  You inspired me, as much as I inspired you!

Had a great morning in Cincinnati – finished right around 1:40 for the 10k, which is about 16:00 miles. I walked the whole thing (with the sticks!) and felt pretty good the whole way through. We even had sun….

So now, as a little thanks – and a little reward, my slightly snarky offering of why it’s so great that you ran that Trot. 

10.  A chance to listen to someone else’s drama on Thanksgiving morning.  Overheard today “What was she THINKING???  Those jeans were WAY too tight.”

9.  That sense of community that only comes when you’re surrounded by 20,000 other people, wondering whose idea this was, anyway.

8.  Sense of moral superiority which you take with you for the mid-game nap, in front of company.

7.  Excuse to eat more pie.  Dutch apple? Pumpkin? Derby? Why, yes, I will!!

6. Pleasant “runner’s high” (walkers, too) which buffers the impact of recognizing you’re still seated at the children’s’ table. And you’re 35.

5. Recognition that, no matter how fast or slow you are, you still won’t burn enough calories to cover the meal you’re about to eat.  Immediate slow-down means you actually ENJOY the race.

4. Random humorous conversations with strangers.  “Tell me, do those sticks really work?” asked a guy walking next to me today. “Yes, and they burn 40% more calories than walking alone.”  “Does that mean I wouldn’t have to hold my gut in anymore?” “That’s what I’m dreaming of.”

3. Opportunity to see your city or town on a foot-by-foot basis.  Amazing how much you notice when you’re not in the middle of a lane-change war, managing children in the backseat, or talking on your cellphone while driving, isn’t it??

2. One word: METABOLISM.  Start the day right, and it will do the work later.  At least, that’s what I count on.

1. Because you get to see, for three or five, or ten miles, just what your body is capable of.  And that’s something to give Thanks for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

2 thoughts

  1. Hey girl! I did it! Didn’t hear too many comments/complaints along the way since I had my iPod blasting with a new Playlist. It was awesome! A beautiful day here in Salt Lake City. Congrats on completing your event! How do you feel? Any lingering injury issues? My back is still not too happy, but I did it anyway. Just can’t stand to sit around and let my friends have all the fun!!

  2. I couldn’t find a local trot; being as I was responsible for cooking the massive meal I wasn’t willing to travel to one either.

    However, I did run. I pushed the dinner time back so I could do it first thing in the day and have time to stretch and shower and bask in the glow of awesomeness before making so very, very much food. I cooked a 19 lb. turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, candied yams with homemade marshmallows, butter beans, breadsticks (from scratch), winter salad with cashews, cranberries, and apples, pumpkin pie (with a pumpkin roasted from scratch – no cans), almond apple crisp, devils food with homemade double-chocolate cream cheese frosting.

    But. The cool thing is I took care of MYSELF first by running! I am at 2.5 miles in my C25K training so Thanksgiving Day I ran the run with my 7 year old daughter on her biek alongside. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

    Thank you, Sallie, for your site and your inspirational writings! I would not have come this far in my 6 weeks without you. And congrats on your 10K. 🙂

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