Well hello, merry readers!

Big news here today at Plus Runner – we’ve welcomed a little sister to the fray! Plus Athlete is a new blog that I’ve started over on the Chicago Tribune’s blog site, Chicago Now! 

Like most little sisters, (including mine) Plus Athlete is the slightly sassier version of the Plus Runner.  She’s fun, she’s smart, and she’s also very, very willing to diversify.  My goal with Plus Athlete is similar to the goal with Plus Runner – to reach a broad audience who wants to get more active – or at least have fun thinking about it – despite their size.  It’s going to be a combination of some of the humor, guidance, and (alarmingly simple) wisdom I’ve been sharing here, with a Chicago focus. 

Plus Runner will continue to be your go-to site for clothing reviews, funny stories, and the content you’ve come to know and love.  Now, though, I’ll be trying to also catch those folks who are looking for help with more than just running (I know, I do that here, but I’ll do it there too.)

So please stop by! I am really, really excited about the new launch and hope that it will wear well!!!


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