It’s that time again. You’re getting the itch to go outside and run or walk  or start tri training and you suddenly find yourself wanting something new and shiny to go along with it.  So what to purchase that won’t break the bank?  A few ideas…

Danskin is having a sale – they’re moving warehouses and are offering 30% off any order over $100, so if you’re looking to stock up on your summer triathlon apparel, this is the time to do it.  Reader favorites include:

Danskin 7″ Triathlon short (Sale, $41, Sizes L and XL remain).  XL will fit up to 45″ hip measurement!

I wore this short last year and can vouch for its technical creds. It’s got leg grippers that don’t hurt (but won’t let your leg ride up), quick drying fabric, and most important, it’s not a Zoot short designed to fit a pre-pubescent girl 🙂  The 7″ length works well for us larger girls, though there is a 5″ available here, which is offered up to an XXL.   

The short has a drawstring waist but lays flat, and the black goes with everything.  The chammy is barely there, but provides just the right amount of comfort for a 12 or 26 mile ride at your next (or first) race.  It also has what I like to call the “BCO” (Butt Crack Optional) additional piece of fabric that runs up the, uh, back of the short, keeping in mind that sometimes the stretch is a bit tooooo much, if you get my drift… free peeks here.

Trust me when I tell you this is the best short in the business if you’re not wearing standard, name-brand apparel. Danskin has done their homework, and if you’re preparing for a race this summer, this is the short you want.

Terry Wrapper Plus (1X-4X)

Terry makes great clothes for women who like to bike, and if you need apparel right now, EVERYTHING is on sale.  One of my favorite ideas is this little wrapper skirt – because let’s be honest, we like to wear the bike shorts, but we don’t always want the world to see the tushum. 

The Wrapper Plus is just that – a quick little wrap skirt to throw on after a ride. It fits in your bike bag, and you can wear it riding too…it’s great if you want to cover up on race day for your run, or whatever. 

Price: $30.00 – regularly $60.  You can find it (and many other GREAT summer cycling apparel deals) here.

Road Runner Sports: Men’s Asics Ready-Set T

Believe it or not, the PlusRunner has some male fans, too! And I’ve been searching for good apparel for them ever since my friend Demiah (a new member of the Nike Running Club in Chicago) alerted me to their plight.  Well, turns out that they have trouble finding clothes too.

Alas, Road Runner Sports does a good job of listing out the apparel for guys up to a Size XXXL.  This tee, from Asics, is a great staple, and runs up to an XXL (50″ chest) and comes in at a light $19.99. 

Price: $19.99.  You can find it (and many other men’s larger shirts) here.

That’s it for today – I’ll be back later this week with some thoughts on getting ready for spring, and will share with you the race calendar for the season!

See you on the path…

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