I know, I know, I’ve been a delinquent poster these past few weeks! Forgive me, please! I’m back at a full-time job and it’s been an interesting ride!

But fear not, readers! I was wandering the lunch web today and found a couple of steal-of-a-deal-deals you need to know about if you’re racing this summer.

The All-in-One Women’s Tri Top (Zoot! In Sizes That Fit!)

First, REI Outlet has listed a Women’s 09 Tri Top (impossible to come by during the season) in an XXL (which equates to a Size 14-16, measurements of 43-45 bust, 37-40 waist, and 44.5-47.5 hips). Rather than assume you know if you’re a “14” or a “16”, grab the tape measure and see if this MIGHT fit you, because if it does, it’s a PERFECT addition to the tri wardrobe. It will solve all your problems as a “one stop top” you can wear in the water, on the bike, and on the run.  Keep in mind, it’s going to be “slimmer” but it will be worth it in the water and on the bike. 

You don’t have to be an REI member to shop there (though I recommend the one time joining fee because they have some of the best clothes out there for larger men and women). AND you can ship free to a store in your area, but right now, they’re also offering free shipping.

Zoot TriFit Tank Top ($44.95 down from $70.00). Sizes XS-XXL.









The Tri Shorts You’ll Want All Summer

For the guys, Zoot is offering their Tri Zoot 8″ triathlon short in a Size XXL for a SUPER steal, too, at $42.00. They include the leg grippers of silicone (but not those sexy quad muscles pictured below).  Also, a couple of stash pockets for your gu’s, and a nice, “it’s not really a chammy” chamois to give you just a stitch of comfort on the bike.  If you don’t own a tri short, and are wondering if you should buy one before you start training, the answer is yes.  Buy these, because this is the best price you’ll see all year.

This is last year’s model, so you’re getting a break on the price (these are normally $72.00). Click here, or on the picture below to link to Zoot’s site for purchase.  Measurements: Fits 38-40 Waist (I would think you could probably stretch that an extra inch or two, but don’t hold me to that…)

For more apparel guidance, check out the “most frequently read posts” at right, or on the “what to wear” page above.

3 thoughts

  1. That top is super cute! Thanks for all your research on affordable plus-athletic clothing.

    I was wondering….are you aware of any plus-size athletic undergarments? I know under armour makes panties but they don’t cover my behind. Thanks!

    1. Run4 –
      Thanks! A couple of options for you. None are probably “perfect” but I can recommend Ex Officio’s Give and Go Bikini Brief, available up to an 2XL http://www.exofficio.com/product_details.aspx?item_cd=2241-1150&key=3af751f0-3b32-4bef-9824-b9f99ea456f7. Check the size chart, as the XL will fit a 48″ hip, which is usually a size 18. I took three pairs of these on my trip down the Colorado River in 2006 and they were amazing…wash, wear, no fuss. They’ve also joined me on a few half marathons, too. They’re great for running, though you may still need to body glide occasionally. REI stocks these in the store, so if you live in an area with an REI, you can try there…(and they’re not cheap, but they TOTALLY last AND they wash and dry well).

      Land’s End also offers a “performance” brief (their “Active Hip Briefs”) which are wicking and seamless, but by “seamless” they actually mean “you will find them around your knees if you’re not careful”. I speak from experience – skip these!

      Those are probably best bets!!!

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