There is a wonderful country song called “As If” about this woman who’s just running around in a relationship, not daring to look ahead or behind.

Sara Evans talks about taking all that standard relationship drama (his bad clothes, her need for talks ) as all good – that she’s going to act as if “this blue sky’s never gonna rain down on me”…and it got me thinking: how many of us hesitate to be more active because we just KNOW there’s something bad round the corner- an injury, a feeling that we aren’t going to make it anyway so why try, etc.

My friend an I used to have a name for this little bug which gets inside our head and keeps us from doing the things we really want to do (find that new job, ask that guy or girl out, move somewhere new). We called it the FOF Bug. It’s like a virus, named for that thing some of us know well: Fear of Failure.

Maybe you’ve met FOF. Maybe you ‘ve overcome his side effects (that voice telling you not to sign up for you first 5k, or to just skip that upcoming triathlon, or to simply forget about trying to ride a bike again at the age of 40!).  Maybe you’ve found that FOF is like any other virus – he can knock you down,  but you get up again, once you’ve gathered your strength and gotten things together.

Buy if you haven’t overcome that bug, I’d encourage you to take Ms. Sara Evans to heart – and act As If. Act As If you will finish that first swim. Act As If you will learn to play tennis when you haven’t ever tried. Act As If you can become a more active person, an athlete, and I promise you, after just a little time, you’ll find that’s exactly what you are.

2 thoughts

  1. Now I have a name for that chronic voice in my head that gets in my way. Having a name makes it easier to talk back to it and tell it to get lost. Thanks. 🙂

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