I’m a fan of a variety of television shows, and lately, I’ve been taking a cue.  After a big run with a showy finale, my favorite Fake People take a haitus.  Presumably, this is so editors everywhere can lie on the beach, sleep in, and pretty much pretend that no one cares about these shows.  When the show comes back in the summer or fall (depending on if it’s Cable or network), watchers feel like life is starting up again, and everything is just jolly.  We find out that the Fake Mistress wasn’t a Mistress at all, but a Sister, and the Fake Explosion was really just a bad dream, and we get sucked right back in, like we never left.

I like to think  I’ve just had my own haitus here the past month or so, disappearing from the blog, and from a regular exercise routine.  Except, here’s the thing:  no showy finale.  No big revelations.  Not much at all.  More like the FCC pulled my license to write (and exercise) and I just whimpered into the sunset. 

So apologies to those who’ve come round the last month looking for inspiration or fun or just plain cheap clothes!  I have lots of reasons why I’ve not been here (I have a “new” full time job, and I’m working more, and I moved homes, and have had some travel….and, well, technically, I’m not really doing a whole lot of exercising other than biking, because I’m doing PT a few times a week)…but wait, you probably don’t care, do you?

Well, that’s fair. You shouldn’t have to care – and you know what, that’s okay. 

If I’ve learned anything from this little break, it’s this:  the excuses don’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what keeps you from doing the things you love – it’s how you get back to it that counts.  Maybe you’re on a haitus, too, right now. Maybe your sneakers are dusty, and your goggles are drying out.  But both of them will work when you get back on the path, or in the pool.  And those lovely, inanimate objects (shoes, goggles, path and pool) could care less that you started taking a class, or got sucked into a new show, or had to work on a project that was so busy you barely had time to sleep.  Those inanimate objects will welcome you back, and not judge where you’ve been, or where you’re headed.   And the people – those people who are your running friends, your rowing friends, or your former “hang out and go for a walk” friends- they won’t care, either.  They’ll just be glad to see you again.

I learned that the easy way – last weekend, as I took off for Door County, to ride my bike in gorgeous Peninsula State Park while my friends ran the Door County Half Marathon.  As the Chicago Endurance Sports crew ran through the most serene, most gorgeous course I’ve seen, I pedaled my way through a park that made me ache for Acadia, and dream of spring rides.  It was pretty, and it was easy.  And I was shocked.  After all, I’ve been “only” walking and doing core strengthening for the past few months.  But it turns out, if you’re easy on yourself when you come back from haitus, you can enjoy the return – with no drama, no fireworks, and certainly no breakdowns. 

This week, the return continues with Episodes 2 and 3 – riding, and riding some more, to prepare for Little Red.  While I’m at it, I’m also doing something else TV-esque:  I’m setting the DVR, exercise style.  Seriously – if I can “prioritize” shows on DirecTV, and record Top Gear over Castle, why can’t I prioritize a morning bike ride over sleeping in?  Or an evening ride over a Cubs game?  Well, I can.  But another valuable TV lesson here:  I do HAVE to choose at some point – and every time I choose a non-workout option when I plan my week, there  is a real cost. 

So I’m planning (always planning) and we’ll see if I can deliver.  I’ll keep you posted on the post-haitus recovery, and in the meantime, thanks for reading, and thanks for coming back.

See you on the path!

5 thoughts

  1. This comes at a good time. I came back from vacation last week with really good intentions and then flopped. Completely. And now it’s time to get back up, be realistic about my goals and adjust if needed. Then get back to it. Thanks 🙂

    1. Well, let’s just say that I have a preference for brains over beauty, but Castle DOES do a nice job of giving me a little bit of both 🙂

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