Okay kids.  As you know, finding triathlon clothing for women over a size 14 is tough.  Danskin, who (in my humble opinion) offers the best Tri short in that category, their 7″ Triathlon short, has not re-ordered stock for their online store yet this year.

I spoke with a rep from Danskin today, and they are not going to have new stock in, and available online, until at least July.  (They’ll call and let me know when it’s live). In the meantime, GOOD NEWS.  REI is stocking the 7″ Triathlon short in a Size XXL online ($48) , and you can order it now.   It comes in plain black, or, if you prefer a shorter inseam (5″), you can get it in a Black/Aqua combo in an XL or XXL as well.

If you are planning a later season race, I would suggest that you purchase your shorts now if you can.  These are fantastic training shorts, and they can usually fit up to a Size 20/22 (depending on where you carry your weight.)  The folks at Danskin let me know that REI is the only group carrying this stock, so if you want in, you’ll have to go to REI to get it.

I know you’re thinking “Wow, do I really have to spend $48 for a pair of shorts?”  The short answer is no, you don’t.  But your life will be much easier if you do.  You can wear these puppies in the swim, on the bike, and on the run, and you never have to change clothes. The legs have silicone grippers, so they’ll stay put.  The fabric is quick dry with flat seams, and is comparable to what you’d get with the Big Boys, Zoot and Tyr.  And the 7″ inseam is modest without being crazy long.

You may also notice that REI is stocking the Skirt Sports Tri short in an XXL as well.  My professional (er, non-professional) opinion is that the Danskin short is a better fabric, construction, and all around better short than the Skirt Sports option.  SkirtSports is trying valiantly to serve the larger market, but unfortunately, their materials and design just aren’t up to my standards.   Simply put, you’re not getting $60 worth of shorts with their design.

As for Danskin, I’m a big supporter of these shorts.  After years of trying to wear Men’s TYR shorts and looking for something with a better fit, I found these.  I wore them last year and am a Raving Fan about how well they work.  So if you need shorts, go get em.

See you on the path!

UPDATE!!!!  As of 7/7, Danskin has received their shipment!  Check here for details!

One thought

  1. The danskin tri short are fantastic. I bought one pair and after using them one time I bought a second pair. I normally wear a size 18 in clothing and the XL tri shorts fit fantastic. The leg grippers are the best, these shorts do not ride up. I used them in a tri and wore them for the swim, bike and run and was comfy!

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