Hi all!

A few quick notes here, and then I’m punting you over to Plus Athlete for the Little Red report!

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend in Utah, taking part in the Little Red Riding Hood Ride with fellow blogger Diane, and riding friends and all around cool women Jeannie, Kym, Karen, and others.  The weekend was a total hit, but I wanted to share a few key finds that might help you ride this summer!

First, serious props go out to my LBS (local bike shop) On The Route here in Chicago.  They packed and shipped my baby Trek without problem, and the folks in Logan who put her back together at Sunrise Cyclery rock, too.  If you’re looking for the epitome of great technicians with a flair for the helpful, these are your guys. 

Second, I had the good luck to run into the reps from Born Fit (based in Denver) who make maternity AND general fitness clothing.  They were displaying at Little Red, and shared the really good news that they’re now producing running, walking, and general fitness apparel up to a size XXL.  I can’t say this enough: their stuff is cute, it’s functional, and it works for pregnant women, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to do just find in the Plus market!  Take care to watch the size charts, but if you’re looking, I would recommend checking out their lines, especially their capris and short sleeved tops for summer.

Finally, good news from Chicago – the weather’s been so good, the lake temp is up to a balmy 65 degrees, which means this week, you should expect a report from me on triathlon training – and my first open water swim of the season.  I’ll keep you posted on whether I lose feeling (or, I should say, when.)

See you on the path!

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