Danskin 7″ Triathlon Short – $48, available up to a Size 22 (essentially)

Just got a call from the most excellent client service representative at Danskin (Gina, thank you!) who has informed me that they’ve just received a shipment of their super-functional, wicking, great-fitting 7″ triathlon short. 

They have a limited stock, but there are about 150 of them in currently in a Size XXL, and another 300+ in an XL, so if you are looking for a short, check this one out.   REI, which previously had them in stock in an XXL and XL, is out of stock in this 7″ model, but still has the 5″ model in.

Click here to access the page on Danskin’s site (you cannot navigate there from the main site – there is a problem with the indexing on the online catalog, which is tech speak for “no one connected this short to the main page”).

2 thoughts

  1. I hope that 2011 has a triathlon in my goals. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. It would be my first and while it sounds scary I REALLY want to do it! The Tri clothes are really expensive too.

    1. Lisa –

      I will say this: triathlon is the gateway sport, for me, for endurance events. It’s a great sport to feel like you’re part of the active community, and it’s also incredibly motivating if you have trouble working out. To know that you will have to swim in open water FORCES you to get the swim workouts in…to know that you might have to do serious hills does the same for the bike. It’s really a great sport that way.

      As for the clothes – here’s the thing. If you’re a runner and you have a pair of compression shorts, you can conceivably do any race in those + a bra and top – but yes, the custom clothes can be expensive. It can be done on a budget though…

      Don’t let that stop you!!

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