I got to thinking last night after I posted about holiday gifts.  It’s been a very hard year for many people.  We all have friends who are struggling.  Those struggles come in many shapes and sizes.  So what can you do at this time of year that makes a difference?

I always like to think personally about what matters to me when donating during the holiday season.   That means there are a variety of great causes and wonderful people I’d like to try to give to – whether that’s through my time, or cash, or just a mention here.  So this morning, I decided that for the next few weeks, we’re going to have a “12 Days of Christmas” – but with a twist.  Instead of highlighting all the great gear and clothes we can buy, take a look at a few of the featured charities and causes that you might consider giving to.  It’s a bit different than what we normally do here – but you’re cool people, and I think you’ll agree, it’s worth it. 

This morning, my friends Becki and Jen posted a note about sending Christmas cards to soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center.  It’s a fantastic idea – but I wondered if there wasn’t something additional we could to to help soldiers recovering from injuries – or just trying to adjust to life here – or wherever they may be stationed.

That’s when I went looking for the USO site.  There, I found a campaign they’d launched called “Give Back 10”.   The purpose of the campaign is to “offer everyone the opportunity to take 10 minutes to learn about the issues facing wounded warriors so every American can take responsibility and share in the sacrifice and suffering of the volunteer Americans who preserve our way of life.”

The campaign is simple – take 10 minutes to find out what our soldiers are facing when they return home; tell 10 people about what you’ve learned; and give $10 to help ease a soldier’s recovery. 

From post traumatic stress disorder to severe injuries, three-quarters of Americans report being concerned about how their loved ones or contacts in the military will adjust once when they return home from combat, according to the USO.

Do you have ten minutes?  Ten friends? Ten dollars?  To support those who have sacrificed immensely for our country, the answer is probably “yes”.   I encourage you to watch, tell, and donate to help those who have fought.  Those who do have given immensely in the name of our country, and this simple act can help.

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