I know, I know – I don’t talk about food here – just fitness.  But as I said on Monday, the two are so directly linked that when I come across a great piece like this, I can’t help but share.

Tara Parker Pope (TPP) writes in today’s blog that there are two new studies out with some good data on sticking with your New Year’s resolution…it includes help for kicking cravings – and simply eating less:

1) Walk for 15 minutes – at any point during your day – and it’s likely to reduce cravings;

2) Stop doing anything else while you’re eating.  Email, tv, whatever – they all lead you to consume more than you normally would.

These are pretty consistent with the guidelines set out in what I now think is one of the best behavioral guides out there, Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Weight Loss approach.  They’re the experts, not me – but if you’re looking for a good program, you might want to start there.

 In the meantime, you can read more by following the link below.

Sticking With a Plan to Eat Less – NYTimes.com.

2 thoughts

  1. Your posts this week have been a great kickstart for me. I am so with you on the “happy to be fit but have to get some of this off me” feelings. Happy new year, and I look forward to reading more and following your progress.

    1. Thanks, Julie!!
      Sounds like we’re on the same boat…I’m trying to think “one day at a time” too – somehow that seems to help. Today’s lesson? Don’t dress your salad the night before!!! But I’m also happy to report that I made a great homemade viniagrette for my Asian Chopped Salad today – and that is a huge accomplishment! Looking forward to continued healthy living this year!

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