Got yourself the new Eminem?  What about Ludacris? Need the best mix for your run? Water aerobics? Jazz-handing down the driveway? 

I don’t know about you, but I move more when there are good tunes in my ears.  It took me awhile to learn to breathe and run at the same time (don’t laugh, it’s HARD!) but now that I can, I rarely workout without an iPod for cardio.

Thankfully, if your iPod is a bit behind the times, you can catch it up courtesy of Marie Claire, who has a whole selection of tunes designed to help you get your move on.  Even if you don’t go purchasing, it’s a nice lunchtime distraction.

Move on, people, move on.

Workout Playlists – Music to Workout – Marie Claire.

p.s.  Just drive on by those articles on the right rail, including “Is your boyfriend secretly gay?” and “Easy ways to lose 5 lbs today”.  I think it’s safe to assume neither article is likely to be nearly as edifying as a good walk around the block.

3 thoughts

  1. After making the switch from swimming only to an amazing athletic club this week, I quickly sat down and made a bunch of playlists to get me going. There is just no way I can workout without tunes. I am even going to purchase and mp3 player for when I swim. Its easier to get lost in music than lost in thought, I find. Plus a good beat pushes me harder and I am now in the process of training for my 1st 5k in September so a push is what I need. Keep in mind that when I said training I really mean “I have been challenged by a friend work towards this but I am scared out of my mind and apprehensive about the realities of this goal due to the fact that I am about 125lbs overweight after losing 25 lbs already. Whatever the outcome, at least I have my tunes! lol

    1. Mel – tunes do make it easier – but I admit I’ve never tried the pool thing. I get too focused on trying to remember which lap I’m on in the middle of a set, humming “twelve…twelve…twelve…” down the lane (I have a watch that counts…but..yeah…). Anyway, “training” is all really about just having a motivator to work out (at least for me.) CONGRATS on losing 25 lbs already – that’s a GREAT job – and as for the 5k in September, as my friend Jenny likes to say, “eat the elephant”. Focus on one small goal at a time. Start with working your way up to walking for 45 minutes, 3 days a week – maybe an hour, depending on how fast you go. Then, once you’ve been walking for awhile (once it’s a HABIT), switch to the running. Your muscles will be able to keep up with the demands you’re putting on them, and you’ll be likely to avoid all the “too much, too soon” injuries (stop me if I’m telling you something you already know.)

      Keep us posted on the journey!!

    2. I too was in your shoes earlier this year. I did my first 5k right before St. Pattys day. I started the year at 306 pounds. By the time I did the 5k I had only lost about 20 pounds. Let me tell you that 20 pounds made a huge difference. I did this race with my good friend and 2 of her friends. All of which are seasoned runners who have done many 5k’s and half marathons. I felt really insecure in myself, but let me tell you I have never had such a feeling of achievement then I did at that race! I went on and did another 5k in April and I didn’t quite beat my time but I did it on my own and still had that since of accomplishment. I have the intention of doing 2 in July and I am so excited to be doing my first 10k in September for Iron Girl. So if I can do it you can too! Best of luck and happy running/jogging/walking whatever your feet lead you to do!

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