Recovering From Hardship – Why You’re Better Equipped Than You Think

“I get knocked down – and I get up again  – you aint never gonna keep me down.  I get knocked down – and I get up again – you aint never gonna keep me down. ” (Come on, you know you want to dance.)

You may dance – but did you also know that if you have been knocked down, you’re probably made of tougher stuff than those who haven’t?  Maybe this is intuitive, but this piece in Science seciton of the NYT confirms what most of us feel – that if we’ve weathered some storms, we’re more likely to come through them tougher.

Ask anyone who’s been through the loss of a job, loved one, or through a serious injury and they’ll tell you – it wears on you. But Science is also telling us that you also clearly develop some additional benefits – namely, the ability to get back up again.  On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to go through life without any hits, when you do get knocked down, getting up is really, really tough.

So next time you’re out there bemoaning the fact that the workout is hard, or you hate your job, just think this:  all of these challenges are actually making you more likely to succeed.  There’s something they didn’t teach us in high school. 

Recovering From Hardship –


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