Hey kids –

It’s that time again – my favorite weekend of the year in Chicago.  Alas I’m not there this season, but you can be to cheer on your family and friends at their big day.

Follow this link to the 2009 Marathon spectator guide which I threw together – just cross-reference to make sure the map is still the same for 2011 (I believe it will be fairly close, as there are few changes year to year).  And remember the rules of spectating:

1) Wear layers.

2) Be prepared to help anyone you see! Water, gatorade, pretzels, aspirin, and bodyglide are all welcome. If it’s hot, pack a cooler with ice for your runner!

3) Great signs make runners feel like you’re there just for them – add some eye contact and they’ll smile for just a minute.

4) Noise is what you need in the slow spots – after 19th Street, especially.

Good luck to all running!!!



3 thoughts

  1. Hi Sallie! Hope all is going well. My hubby ran the Chicago marathon. 4:30. He had a ball, checked it off the list and vowed to never do another. LOL. The Chicago marathon experience was amazing as an athlete and as a spectator. That city just does these events RIGHT!

    1. Shannon that’s AWESOME!!! So glad to hear he had a ball an that it went well – we really do know how to make it work, don’t we? And I’m with him – why do two when you’ve done one???


  2. I want to run, but have a knee injury that I hope will give way and allow me to run more as I continue to lose weight. 🙂 Glad your run went so well. I am curious was caused the 9 month hiatus.

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