I know, I know. It’s a common refrain. But these past few weeks have been a combination of screeching along at 80 MPH and then careening to a dead halt.

Mid-run with my nephew on London's Clapham Common during a recent snowstorm. The Kid and my brother certainly were fort-a-licious.

So, in no particular order, some not-so-inspirational Plus Runner updates for the week.

I might be racing on an Olympic track.I know, it’s scary.  But there’s this thing, and it’s through work, and I might just get to run a 100 meter dash on the Olympic track in London in early April.  COOL, eh???  I maintain it might be the slowest finish ever, but can you imagine???

I might be slightly hobbled in that endeavor by a torn MCL.  Yeah.  I’m trying to pretend that the screaming pain every time I step wrong on my left leg is just a figment of my imagination.  But it turns out that either a) not wearing heels for two years and then doing some downward stepathon in them might not have been the best plan or b) that sliparoo on the ice the day of our big snowfall here was worse than I thought.  In any case, I’ve been running-free for three weeks, and I am officially. a. lunatic.  Back to the pool, right?  At least till a doc gets up in there and tells me what’s the what.

Big races are lining up. Have you picked yours for the year?  More to come on this, but I did officially make the London ballot for the Olympic distance triathlon.  Here’s to recovering from whatever _this_ is and kicking butt come September.

But in the meantime, how terrible am I at 100 days of anything?  I biffed again this year on the 100 days, but MAD PROPS to Cindi Hammer and all the kids out there doing 100 days proud.  I am nothing if not humbled by your continued inspiration for the rest of us.

Tick tock. That’s the sound you hear of me eagerly awaiting the Spring 2012 Triathlete Magazine Buyer’s Guide, which should include a piece about the best triathlon apparel for plus size athletes (written by yours truly). Word’s still out on when it will hit the stands, but keep your eyes and ears peeled.

I learned how to fence last week. Gingerly, yes, but it reaffirmed my belief that you’re never too old to learn a new sport. Or to be a hyper-competitive crazyhorse who believes in fair play and rules, rules, rules.  It’s amazing they let me play team sports sometimes, I swear.  But honestly, fencing? Very cool.  And doesn’t require massive white bodysuits either, which was a refreshing realization.

We’re gearing up for spring travel around here.  Kruger National Park (South Africa) and Talinn, Estonia (not to mention a possible side-o to Dusseldorf) are all in the makings.  Got a recommendation?  A road or a hike I can’t miss?  This knee will NOT slow me down – send me your best stuff!!

And now, the good stuff.  Who needs free gear???  I have a few pieces of gear that were sent as testing pieces for this recent article, and though a few are dedicated to some of my besties, there will be at least one upcoming contest for readers….so watch this space for more news – the contest will be announced next week to celebrate the Plus Runner’s 3rd birthday!!!

Okay, gotta go get some shut-eye now.  Thanks for the readin, and see you on the path.

Oh, and one more coolest as all cool thing…my good friend Cindi was kind enough to nominate Plus Runner for a fitness magazine blog award.  How cool is she?  Very.  But if you’re feeling the luvvvvv, please have a vote.  And even if you’re not, well, thanks for stopping by…

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the update. Maybe you’ll get “lucky” and the MCL will actually be a hyperextension or torn meniscus? Fingers crossed for you.

    Did my first ever 10k last weekend in 80 degree heat. Sore, sore ankle the next day. Looking into gait analysis….anyone had it done?

    1. Thanks, Maggie – I’m hoping that it’ll be something easy, esp in light of the fact that I was just really getting back in a running groove 🙂 10k in 80 degrees? Two questions on the ankle: one, were you running the entire thing on a road? And two, did you stay mostly on one side of the road (as opposed to in the middle, on the double yellow line)? If so, it’s an easy answer and a common problem for newbies – you tend to run on the side, not on the “crown” – and your ankle is overcomepnsating the whole time. Alternatively, I have had an analysis done when I bought my shoes – and I recommend it for all new runners if there’s a running store near you. They’ll put you in a pair of neutral shoes, drop you on a treadmill, and see how you run. If you’ve already done that, then a formal, final analysis might help – find a local physical therapist who specializes in running injuries and see if they can do it….good luck!!!!

  2. I’m very excited to find your blog and especially to see all the “shop here” resources that you have! I just did my first 5k in October and my first 10k this past Sunday! I’m looking forward to getting more involved with races and want to buy some cute/effective clothes to support my new exercise routine!

    1. Ah, thanks Stephanie!!!! I’m so excited when people pick up the sport – isn’t running awesome??? Enjoy the shopping – it’s a ridiculously fun part of the whole thing…and have fun anyway!

  3. Olympic 100 meter is saweet! Winning the spot in the London Tri also cool. World travel options are beyond enviable. MCL? not so enviable (I did the whole reconstructive knee thing in 2006 and I’m having sympathy pains for you).

    My races are totally getting lined up. Title Nine 9k in Boulder w/my SIL in May, 22 mile ride around Turquoise Lake (elev.10,200) in June, SheRox Tri in July, and at least two other duathlons and maybe a second tri in August or September. Once again I am fully resolved to stick to my training plan….as soon as I get it figured out. I should get on that huh?

    I can’t wait to see your name on that spring Triathlete article!!
    Now I’m off to the polls to cast my vote for ya.

    1. Oh, Hannah, I’m so jealous of your races I could spit. That Title 9k in Boulder is on my list and has been for years. How do you run at elevation, BTW? I never thought to ask. I guess you just deal with it and it’s second nature eh? SheRox sounds good – I couldn’t find anything that early other than a run. And you and me both on the training plan. I had one called “Triathlon training in 12 hours a week”. Today that sounds ridiculously ambitious, doesn’t it?

      I’m keeping fingers crossed on the Triathlon article – people are clamoring for stuff, so if they don’t publish soon I’m going to have to make some noise 🙂 I think the buyer’s guide is out in a few weeks, so will keep you posted.

  4. I was in Pretoria/Johannesburg during May last year. There is a Ann van Dyke Cheetah Center outside Pretoria that was lots of fun. You get to see the cheetahs up close and can even pet one. We several of the smaller safari park experiences, they were awesome, take a fully charged camera, stay in your car. Make sure you try biltong (their beef jerky), ostrich, Castle beer, and Beaukett wine. (If you eat meat and drink alcohol of course). Eat about 100 passion fruit for me, I miss them so much. Really all the food we had was amazing, so you can’t go wrong. It was a beautiful country with amazing people, I hope you enjoy it.

    On a random note, now that some companies are making actual plus sized items, not just XXL items; why are these plus sized items often made in cotton blend? It is frustrating– because I am larger so I want to hang out in heavy damp clothes when I work out? I guess I should be happy progress is being made… sort of.

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