We all need a little inspiration, and as I think about gift giving this time of year, I considered that two of the best running things I ever received were from that running stronghold, Nike.  Back before they were making great inroads with footwear, they were marketing heavily to women in the apparel line, and they had a shirt that I purchased which I proudly wore until it became far too small for me.  Today, my mother wears it – and simply put, it says, in adorable purple script, that “Running is cheaper than therapy”.  Yep. I enjoyed that.

It was followed by a little clock – the kind of paper clock with hand-turned dials that you see when the pharmacy has closed for lunch or the doctor is on a break.  On the back, it had 12 lines of precious text about one topic:  Gone Running.  (Somewhere on this site, the copy still exists.)

It’s in that tribute that I provide the following bit of inspiration – mostly for myself.  I hurt my knee in January and have been mostly walking and sulking since then, trying to get back into a groove without doing further damage.  But last week I decided that even if I just walk – ONLY walk – or, maybe even walk with the occasional 30 second interval, I think I could be happy as a clam.  Because it’s not the speed or the pace that has ever mattered – it’s what happens when I lace up my shoes and get out there.  And that doesn’t change, regardless of the pace I run.

This, this is why I run.

Why do YOU run?  Share in the comments, on FB, or even on Twitter – you can find me @plusrunner.

See you on the path.

12 thoughts

  1. Often I struggle to motivate myself to exercise…. Because I have 2 good legs and 1 good heart is something not to be forgotten / taken for granted. It should be reason enough. I can therefore I should is perhaps a good motto for those days when we are at our lowest, feeling tired and sorry for ourselves.

  2. I run because for 4 years of chronic fatigue I walked with a cane and didn’t know if I could ever run again. I run becuase feeling strong is the best feeling in the world. I run for my fellow slow runners and the people I know and don’t know who think ‘i’m too fat/old/weak/slow’. I run for my friend whose chronic fatigue didn’t go away, my other friend whose sister’s cancer didn’t go away and my Dad who has had such bad luck with his health but keeps at it. and I RUN FOR THE BLING!!

  3. Honestly, If I could just say “Ditto!” to your reasons, I would! I run because of the simple joy I feel from feeling my feet on pavement, the air fill my lungs, and the energy course through my body. I also love the way my mind wanders throughout a run and all of the worries and stresses drain away. I have been dealing with a foot injury for about 6 weeks now and I feel quite lost without running, but I know it will be there waiting for me when I’m healed.

    Would you mind if I re-blogged your quote?

    1. Nikki – I feel your pain. I had a knee injury in January and was convinced I’d never run again…. Then a stress fracture this summer\fall. The reality is that there are so many great low impact sports out there but I’ve come to accept that even when I can only run a little – or even when I’m taking time off – I will always be a runner. Walk, jog, run. It’s about covering distance any way I can :). Good luck getting healthy and yes , of course you can reblog!

  4. Hi! I’m new to your blog, and am really enjoying it. I’m overweight and in the early days of my journey. I’ve been walking for exercise since July and have lost 20 pounds so far. I can’t run much because I have arthritus and fibromyalgia, but I can run about a minute or so at a time, and I’m hoping to increase that. Regardless of whether I run or walk, the feeling of getting up and moving is so amazing. I have several other chronic health issues, and several of the symptoms have eased since I’ve been working out. I’ve added water aerobics and yoga to the mix as well. Getting healthy is my goal.

  5. I don’t run, but I walk. I’ve tried to run, but between my arthritic knees, bulging lumbar disc, Fibromyalgia, and the weight, I can’t run for more than about 30-45 seconds. but I am up to walking 2 miles a day several days a week, and hitting a 5K at least once a week. I do it because the alternative is to sit on the couch and wait to die. Getting fitter is a goal I set for myself and along with the exercise, my attitude has gotten more positive and I’ve met a lot of great people. 🙂

  6. This makes me tear up every time I read it. I love what you wrote. I’m running the Boston Marathon this year (eeeek!) and I’m going to post your words on my Fundraising site (with a link back to you of course!). Thank you!

  7. I love your blog and I loved this post in particular. I have an on again-off again relationship to running and it only ever takes the tiniest brush with someone else’s running practice or discussion to get me craving to get back to it! So, thanks!!!

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