It’s not the start of a joke.

Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is a favorite podcaster of mine. I rarely set aside time to listen to him.

Dax Shepard is also a pod master, with funny, great guests who often end up talking about Hollywood and reminding me that celebrities are just like me, only with more money, stylists and better teeth.

And then there’s Bono. The front man for U2 has an ability to fire me up with any number of songs.

It took all three to get me through thirty five minutes tonight in the gym, but they were – for short spurts – entertaining, diverting and motivating.

So: for the record.

8 January 2019

10 minutes on the bike for a total of 2.15 miles.

25 minutes on the treadmill for a total of 1.15 miles.

It made it easier that:

1. The gym is fifteen feet from the door of my condo 🙂

2. All the clothes are clean and ready to go.

3. Dinner was planned and waiting for when I was finished thanks to leftovers in the freezer.

4. I left work at a reasonable time.

That’s a start. I hope you’ve found your start this week too! Share your positives here or on FB and have a great week!

#letsgo #iwanttorun #butreallyImwalking


This Week with Preet (Preet Bharara)

The Armchair Expert (Dax Shepard)


U2: Zoo Station, Even Better Than The Real Thing, and Acrobat (perfectly appropriate for this evening’s upcoming speech.)

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