People are sometimes curious about how much activity you can really undertake when you’re a BG (in this case, Big Girl or Big Guy).   I’m certain that this isn’t a complete list, but in case you’re curious, dates and places of some of my fave accomplishments.  (It’s like a Glory Page.  Minus the Glory Times.)

2015 Calendar

Lifetime Fitness Gildan Esprit De She – Naperville, Illinois – June 14 (Sprint)

Tri K Triathlon Club Manteno Sprint Triathlon – July 25  (Sprint)

TransAmerica Lifetime Chicago Triathlon – August 30 (Olympic)

Chicago ITU Triathlon – September 15-20  (Sprint)


2011-2014……..that gaping silence you see is 4 years in London.  Zero races. However, I did manage to visit 25 countries and hike in a few of them. Does that count?



The F^3 5k (Chicago, Illinois) January, 2010.  This was about 3 weeks before surgery to repair a brutal foot injury that’d been hobbling me for about a year.  Walk, not run.  Brrr..  The F^3 stands for “F***cking Freezing Frozen Lake 1/2 marathon and 5k.

Surgery. (No, this is not a race).  February 8, 2011.  Walking boot! Crutches! Blizzard! Oh my!

Move to London (Again,not a race.) April 1, 2011.  Walking boot! No car! Gym shoes in the most fashionable city in the world! Oh my!




Pirate’s Cove Trail Run (Sausalito, California)  8k, March 20, 2010   (Completed! No running, but great walk in 2:06)

Door County Half Marathon), May 1, 2010 (benched – plantar fasciitis! 20 mile bike ride to cheer on spectators instead!)

Little Red Riding Hood Ride (Salt Lake City, UT) Distance  (35 miles – great ride!)

North Face Endurance Challenge (Madison, Wisconsin), 10k, September 19, 2010 (DNS)

Chicago Triathlon (Chicago, IL) Olympic Distance, August 29, 2010 (1.08 mile swim, 26 mile bike, 6.2 mile run)  Finished in 3:37:44 (miserable day, and per doctor’s orders, only able to run 5k of the 10k recovering from PF).

Monster Dash (Chicago, IL) October 31, 2010 (5k fun run- no official time) – 52:00ish

Santa Shuffle (Chicago, IL) December 4, 2010 (5k) 52:58



100th Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, Cincinnati, OH (Walking, 10k)

  • Result: 1:39:05   Pace: 16:05   (Nordic walking, with poles)

New Year’s Day 5k: Chicago (Run/Walking, 5k)

  • Result: DNS (Broken Toe. Whoops).

 Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (Sprint): (.4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run) July 11, 2009

  • Results:  2:21:45
  • Swim (.4 mile): 19:46            T1: 5:56    Bike (15 miles) 1:03 (14.3 MPH)       T2:   3:32    Run (5k): 49:32 (16:30/Mile)

Rock n’ Roll Chicago (formerly the Chicago Distance Classic) 1/2 Marathon: August 2, 2009

  • Result: 3:54.   Paced the 15:00 mile group to Mile 12….then walked the “final finishers” in (so my chip time is not reflective of the race!)
  • Splits: 5k : 47:38 (15.1 min/mile)       10K : 1:33:13  (15.5 min/mile)    10 Mile: 2:37:48   (15.7 min/mile)

Chicago Triathlon (Olympic): (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run) August 30 , 2009

  • Result: DNS (Injury)

PF Chang’s Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon (Phoneix, Arizona), January 2009

  • Result: 3:55:56 (oof.)



United Airlines Run for the Zoo – 5k – My First!!!  1999

Cincinnati Turkey Trot – 10k – 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008

Indianapolis Mini Marathon – Half Marathon – 2003, 2004

  • Finishing times?  Sucko.   In  2003 we ran a  3:35 ish (I think?).
  • 2004, they shut down the clocks as we were finishing due to people stroking out on the course.  Roughly a 3:05 finish that year.

Flying Pig Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)

  • May, 2006 – Finish Time: 3:05ish
  • May, 2008 – Finish Time 3:28:34

Country Music Half Marathon (Nashville, TN)

  • April, 2007 – Finish Time: 3:25

Nike Women’s Half Marathon (San Francisco, CA)

  • October, 2007 – Finish Time: 3:32:09

Soldier Field 10 Miler (Chicago, IL)

  • May, 2008 – Finish Time: 2:49

 Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon (Chicago, IL)

  • August, 2005*- Finish Time: 3:38
  • August, 2006* – Finish Time: 3:29:39
  • August, 2007* – Finish Time  3:36:53
  • August, 2008* – Finish Time: 3:36:01

*  I was a pace leader for these races for the 3:30 group.  I really can keep pace for a 3:30 finish, but I usually hang out at the finish and wait for some of my stragglers to come in…which means my times are not always perfect 🙂

Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon (Phoenix, AZ)

  • January, 2008- Finish Time: Slightly Slower Than Death. (3:55 something).


Nike Women’s Triathlon – First Triathlon Ever!   Sprint Distance – 2000, 2001, 2002 – Manteno, Illinois. (I’m not too certain on those years, and the medals don’t have dates.   TYR took over the race in 2002.

Accenture Chicago Triathlon (Chicago, IL)

  • Olympic Distance – 2003  – My First (and so far, only) Olympic distance.  Finish Time: 3:58:04
  • Sprint Distance – 2004  – Finish Time: 2:06:15
  • Swim Exit Volunteer – 2006, 2007 (I just love pulling people out of the water!)

Danskin Pleasant Prairie Triathlon (Pleasant Prairie, WI)

  • Sprint Distance – 2004  Finish Time:  1:47:04

Wendy’s Triathlon (Columbus, OH)

  • Sprint (sort of) Distance – 2004  Finish Time: 2:11:04 (which one me some sort of Clydesdale award!)

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon (Pleasant Prairie, WI)

  • Sprint Distance – 2006  Finish Time: 1:59:57

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Sprint Distance – 2007  Finish Time: 2:31:12 (total fun race – with friends..time really…not important??)

2 thoughts

  1. Sallie,

    Have you ever done the Hustle Up the Hancock?? I’ve been challenged to compete with a friend in this and am looking for some sort of training program for an event that will kick my a**!!!

    I’m new to your blog since I only recently read about it in Chicago Athlete I think but I love your stories and tips and fashion finds. Addidas also has some good plus sized shirts I recently discovered!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Here’s another one to add to your wetsuit list – Rocket Science.
    I bought one of their polyurethane coated swim skins for an open water race in 2009, when that sort of suit was still FINA legal. It isn’t any more, but I still use the suit for a little extra warmth with no added buoyancy. Although the suit in size XL is only supposed to go up to 180 lbs, I was 205 (at 5′-8″) at the time and had no problem getting it on. I don’t know if their XL wetsuits are as generously cut, but they’re probably worth a look.
    Oh, and I got third in my age group (women 50-54) wearing that suit at the Provincial championship that year, so it also has sentimental value. 🙂

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