PlusRunners is owned and operated by Sallie Stiens.

Trying to connect to the Plus Sized Active market?

Are you a charity running group who would like additional information about how to reach your runners or walkers?  Are you a Race Director with exploding participation in the walk sector, curious about how to deliver an optimal race experience?  Or perhaps a Corporate Health director, preparing to kick off a weight-loss or activity campaign, searching for a credible, funny, and entertaining keynote?

Sallie is an experienced consultant – but also a plus-sized athlete who can provide the spark you’re seeking.  With more than 12 years experience as a runner and a career in corporate consulting and philanthropy, she can provide you with expertise regarding how to best welcome plus-sized runners and walkers into your program.  She is also available for kickoff, keynote, and motivational addresses to your group.

Would you like to focus-group active apparel for plus-sized women?

With a reader base of over 8,000, The Plus Runner can road-test your fitness apparel and offer a detailed assessment.

For additional inquiries, please contact Sallie at .

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  1. Hi,
    You had left me a post on RunnersWorld about a book you used when you started. There are multiple titles coming up. Can you send me the author? I have many more questions and will probably be “running” to you frequently. (sorry for the pun)

  2. Hi! I am currently on WW and have lost 36 pounds. I weigh 320 pounds right now. I would love to start running, but I am still recovering from plantar fasciitis. Do you have any tips or recommedations? I really want to become a runner, but I don’t want to hurt myself. Any advice you give is greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi Sallie.

    I’ve been reading along for ages and as a frequent Chicago-area visitor I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but I don’t! So who better to ask than the most knowledgeable hiker-biker-walker-runner-swimmer that I know of in the area?! 🙂 So here’s my question:

    Recently I’ve been hiking quite a lot. I’ll be in Chicago for a couple of days next week and totally want to get away from the tried-and-true lakefront paths I usually walk on when I’m there, and explore a bit. Are there hiking trails you’d recommend that are easy to get to? I don’t typically rent a car and would like to use transit if possible. (or bike? I could rent!). I saw that there’s a nice big part of the Forest Preserve near O’Hare.. which means maybe I could take the blue line there? Maybe?

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Or am I better off sticking to the Lakefront?


  4. Sallie,
    Your Site is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve wanted to be a runner for a long time but I’m heavy and didn’t know where start or what to wear. Now I have a place just for me!
    I know which shoes I need, I have wicking shorts and bras and a T-shirt that will cover the bumps. I’ve downloaded Interval Training from Pod-Cast.
    Thanks so much!

    • Debo –
      Thank you so much for the note! I’m thrilled you’re geared up – and even more excited that you’re moving on – let me know how the interval training goes? And keep in touch!!!!


  5. I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for all the info on your site. From technical advice to clothing tips to simple motivation, the site has been so helpful. I’ve been training for about a month or so, and I’m off to my first super sprint tri tomorrow morning and also down 13 pounds 🙂 I used your pre-race/race day checklist and did a little practice run last week and it worked like a charm. Found I’ve got all everything for tomorrow checked off and ready to go without much stress at all, thanks to your help and encouragement! 🙂

  6. check out the Its a body wrap you peel and stick like a bandaid. It’s worn on the skin and it prevents the chafing. It really works and I found it on Ebay cheaper than their web site.

  7. Hi! I just found your page and am thrilled with the advice. I am 45 years old and need a boost to my walking routine. I’ve been thinking about starting a walk/run plan, but my feet are a major issue for me. I wear a women’s size 11 – I have very wide feet, and usually end up looking in the men’s section of the shoe department b/c I need something with a bigger toe box. I currently have a pair of women’s Vasque trail running shoes I have worn for 3 years. It’s time for something new, and I’d like to add a little more support/cushioning this time around. Do you or your readers have any recommendations? At 210 pounds and 5’6″, I need something that can support my weight, plus allow me to go further (physically and mentally I could walk for miles, but my feet always cause me to cut it short). Thanks so much for your help!

    • Oh my goodness, Heather, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!

      First, welcome to the party 🙂 I say welcome, but I’m a part time partier myself right now and I feel your pain. Literally. I started walking again with a friend two weeks ago, and in my Size 11s, I am just as much afraid of getting hurt as anyone.

      A few recommendations:
      First, I’ve always found Saucony to be a really wide toe box and just fine on the scale of sizing for wide feet. If you’re super wide, they can even special order for you from a local running store.

      Second, Asics and New Balance also are pretty generous in the sizing and trust me when I tell you they will make your Vasques feel like you’ve been walking on bricks!

      Finally, go to a local running store and have them watch you walk or run – they will literally put you in the best shoe for you – and ask them to explain to you if you need a “stability” shoe, a “moderate” shoe, etc. – and what it means.

      Give those feet a chance and let us know what you end up with!

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