Store Finder Find a local retailer who can fit you for a proper running shoe.

Bra Finder Moving Comfort’s Site will walk you through how to find the perfect bra, and you can even order online.

Pace Calculator Use this to figure out your pace per mile on that last run, or what you’ll have to run to beat the clock at your next race.

Find a 1/2 Marathon or Marathon, or Read Reviews is a great calendar tool for finding races near your home – or far away.  Read the user reviews. They’re usually spot-on.

Shop for Running or Walking Clothes that fit, wick sweat from your body, and look good.

Wetsuits That Fit Larger People I have used both Zoot and Xterra.  If you are over a Size 20 and a woman, you’ll have to use the Xterra link; men over 250 lbs. will probably also be more comfortable in the Xterra, but feel free to give Zoot a try.

Great Triathlon Shorts for Women SheBeast  has a great selection of tops and bottoms, though sizes run small – you can order from Amazon or Team Estrogen.  Alternatively check out Aerotech Designs, which caters to plus size athletes with a variety of options.

Triathlon Checklist – My “Tried and True” checklist for races of any duration.

PlusRunner Tri Checklist

More to come!

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