There are some awesome readers on this blog, and in 2012, we’ll use this space for Q&A from any and all.  Got a question? Drop it here – and readers, feel free to respond where you have something to share!

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  1. I just started reading your blog and I LOVE it. I just started running and weigh about 220 pounds. My stamina is crap and I have awful shin splints. I would like to know what it was like for you when you started running – what kept you motivated and how you worked through feelings of being bored (if you get bored) while running. I would like to know what your original running plan was, the pace you worked through it and how long it took you to get to your first race.

  2. Wendie, Try the Couch 2 5K program. It’s super doable. I’m 5’7, 239 and just finished up Week7Day1 of the program. I ran for 25 minutes straight for the first time in my life tonight!! I never thought I would get to this point. I was dragging just running for 2 minutes at the beginning of this program. It’s amazing and I feel fantastic! I, too, had shin splints (ouch, right?!!). I take 2 advil about 30 minutes prior to hitting the pavement, and I’m usually okay. Good luck to you!

  3. Hello all. I just started a 5K running program through my local running store and would like to use my iPod Touch to do my interval reminders on the alternate days. For those of us who are plus runners, what is better to hold an iPod while running? Armband or Sport Belt? Any advice?

    1. Hi Michelle –
      I’ve tried the Apple-approved arm band and found that it’s just too tight to wear up top on my arm – plus, I inevitably want to change the song! After much experimenting, I settled on two approaches: 1) I either use a waist pack (which I normally run with on long runs) that has a small pocket in it, and put the iPod in there, snaking the headphones up through the back of my shirt); or 2) I put it in the front inside pocket (or side pocket) of whatever I’m wearing. If those don’t work (for an IPhone size), I would highly recommend considering a clip too – with sturdy enough waistbands, this is a fab option and leaves you free to access the iPod while you’re training. Best buy has a good selection.

      Hope that helps, feel free to post, everybody!

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