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January 31, 2012

I cannot count the number of times I’ve said “there are no REAL jackets for plus-size women to run in.”  Ask the poor folks at Fleet Feet Chicago, who do their best, but are constantly harassed by me! That said, I always go back to my outdoor adventuring staples – REI & LL Bean – just to see if they come up with something good. This year, they have.

A few seasons back, REI started offering one jacket per season in technical fabrics/specs for plus athletes.  I love the NEO for snowshoeing and going around town, and their rain jacket for winter running with a light layer underneath.  But lately I couldn’t find a good color (at a price I wanted) that could do double-duty as a hiking jacket/travel jacket.

Enter LLBean. Bean’s been making jackets for plus-sizes for some time now, but they’re usually pretty aesthetically challenged.  Not so with the Trail Model Rain Jacket ($79, 5 colors, 1X-3X)  for this season, which can be yours for $79 in a variety of colors, and all kindsa plus sizes.  I’d wear this to run in if the temps were below 40 – with pit zips you can moderate the heat which builds up in such a heavy fabric – and it’s also decent for winter walking with the right layers.  The best thing about this is that these fabrics tend to be windproof, which is a double-dose of goodness (as I found out Saturday).  Something to consider if you’re looking to add a jacket to the mix.

[ARGH. New Mac has created slight problem and I can’t post the pic. Go here for more details.].


January 8, 2012

Breakaway for fun in this cute training top.

Wow! Can you tell I was a busy girl last year?  I feel terrible to have failed to point out so many helpful training and active apparel sales for you guys recently, so let me share a few updates this month.

Today, check out Terry’s Breakaway Mesh Jersey Plus.  ($26.50) Terry is a women’s cycling company who makes great bikes – but were also the first company to really offer catered, plus-size cycling apparel for women.  The quality is high, and therefore the price point is occasionally as well. That said, their sales are fabulous.  I own this jersey and wore it to ride in the Little Red ride in Utah a few years back and also regularly wear it for training – I would recommend if you’ve picked up spinning in the new year or plan to ride a lot this summer – at $26.50 the price simply won’t get any better, and with stash pockets, a great zipper and a super flattering fit, you won’t find a better plus-size jersey. Anywhere.

Wow! It’s been awhile since a Gear Deal was posted, so here’s your “welcome to the season” triathlon perk.  Xterra is offering pre-season sale prices on their wetsuits which are a deal considering what you’ll pay if you wait 🙂  Free shipping.  Code GOINGUP.  Offer expires April 30.  Details below.

January 4, 2011

Wow! I can’t believe it’s January!  Deals of the week below:

Columbia Ski Pants – $59.95  Sizes 1X-3X, perfect for those of you who LOVE a downhill and don’t want to be cold and wet!

Nike Be Strong Capri  – with pink piping, 1X; black only, 2X $$26.97.  Tehia, one of our readers, alerted us to the great sale at Dick’s this week.  I think these capris are the best of the bunch – they wick, they’re made of a good fabric, and they’ll stand up to any workout all year (provided you’re indoors during the winter!)

Week of June 19

It’s been awhile!  But some good deals surfaced this week that you should check out.

First, Nike’s plus-size summer short-sleeved training tees are on sale.  I can vouch for the Victory Tee – good length, not too deep a V on the V Neck, and cut well (at least for me).  Check out the sizing, and notice the $30 tag for the light blue and pink 1X and 2X tops.

Nike Plus Victory Top $30

Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at
Check out the
Nike Dri-FIT New Victory (Size 1X-3X) Women’s T-Shirt

Second, if you’re looking for a Triathlon top, but haven’t found one, AND either don’t have a chest to speak of, or don’t mind showing your bra straps (really, is that a problem?) check out the “Dedication” top. I won’t promise you that it will dry out by the time you hit the run, and those seams look like they’d spell trouble for anything over a 10k, but if you’re in a pinch about a top, give this one a try. At $35, the price is right, and if you order UP a size, you should have enough room. You should be able to wear this under a wetsuit and be fine. (But be forewarned, it will be “close cut”, so be prepared!)

Nike Dedication Top $35.95

Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at
Check out the
Nike Dedication (Size 1X-3X) Women’s Sport Top

Good luck purchasing!

March 15, 2010

I’m getting a lot of requests for windbreakers and rain jackets these days, so below, two of those that look good to me – made of a water-repellent finish, offering some wind protection and some stretch.

Land’s End Plus Sized Nylon Pieced UltraLight Jacket $54.50 (plus LE is offering a 20% discount on outerwear currently.  If this deal is not active when you sign in, become a fan on Facebook for current discount codes.)







Nike Storm Fly Men’s Lightweight Running Jacket (Available in XXL) $87.97.  For other Nike running jackets, click here.   This jacket looks to have all the bells and whistles – and it’s available in an XXL. Nike has others, but be careful not to order a thermal (winter) jacket by mistake.

Why pay $90 for a jacket?  Well, because this will actually keep you dry, and you won’t have to worry about a wonky zipper (which was the review on the other XXL jacket I had my eye on for y’all at  Turns out the guys have just as much trouble finding apparel as the ladies, and this is one of the few I could come up with that might help you out this spring.

Good luck, all!






January 2, 2010

I just found a SUPER FANTABULASTIC find on the Land’s End website for a winter workout jacket for runners, walkers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, hikers, and bikers. If you’re outdoor in the winter, working up a sweat (even you walkers), you want a jacket that has a little bit of weight, but also wicks sweat, and has some stretch.

Land’s End has one.

I know, I’m SHOCKED and super impressed that they do, and now it’s actually significantly discounted.  The Women’s Plus Size ThermaCheck Stretch Hoodie Jacket (sorry, guys, they don’t offer it for men) is made with a soft shell exterior (read: smooth and wind and water resistant); is wicking (which you want if you’re working up a sweat outside in the winter) and is lined in a comfy fleece (but lightweight) interior.  It’s got a hood, flat seams (no chafing) and a pocket for your phone or iPod.  And frankly, it looks darned cute.

Sizing: It’s available from Size 1X-3X, in two colors (black and light blue).

What’s more, it looks exactly like the North Face jacket that I bought this fall at REI which is just a SMIDGE too small for me; had I known Land’s End had this jacket, I would have bought it instead.

Lands End Thermacheck Winter Jacket


Details: Plus Size Therma Check Stretch Hoodie Jacket

$59.99 (reduced from $89.50) here.


I HIGHLY recommend this if you are just kick-starting a New Year’s Revolution and need a jacket that will take you outside through the winter.  It’s the most affordable jacket you will find in Plus Size, with good, technical details that will get you through the winter without freezing. 

Pair this with a long-sleeved tech shirt between 20-35 degrees and you should be comfy cozy!








Week of November 10

Thinking warm?  Moving Comfort continues to unload some deals:

Cozy Coverup

Cozy Cover-Up: Hoodie with some serious warmth.   Awesome for post-run heat and lounging around the house.  $32.  Click here for details.

Need a capri to wear to the gym?  Jealous of the capris on those Biggest Loser folks?  Well, this tight will sculpt those calves and make you feel like the buff buffette you’re on your way to becoming.  And for $20, that’s a pretty good deal.

MCW Workout Capri

Details: Moving Comfort for Women Workout Capri.  (1X-3X available).  $20.  Click here for more info.









Week of October 26 (** Update November 5 – these jackets are gone!)

Sugoi makes great clothes – but it’s a pain in the caboose to find out what they offer in an XXL on their website.  Thankfully, you have me. And if you need a great jacket, they’re offering one – in a Size XXL – for about 30% off.

Available in colors called “Pop” and “Jade”, this is worth looking at if you need a new jacket.  At $63, down from $100, it’s quite a bargain.

Sugoi Zap









And if you need a tight that’s not expensive, and you’re comfortable in an XXL, Target is offering their C9  Tight at $24.99.  Nice.  Click on the picture to see for yourself.

Target C9 Tights

Week of September 23

Plus Runner readers, take note: fall is coming.  If you plan to be active outside this winter, it’s easy to stock up on some essentials.  I’ve linked to the best jacket I could find in our size (below), but today I also saw the following Moving Comfort bargain.  Why is it a bargain?  Simply put: we have a lot of “adipose tissue” – i.e. fat-a-licious fatness – on our thighs and in the rear.  When you’re out in the cold, it helps to have a pant that keeps you warm, blocks the wind, and keeps you dry.  I have a favorite tight (which I don’t have a link to, yet) but without that tight, this is the pant I’m thinking of buying for the winter: Moving Comfort’s No Chill Hybrid Pant.

MCW No Chill Hybrid Pant

Details: Moving Comfort For Women No Chill Hybrid Pant.   Price: $39 (reduced from $60, retails for $75 in my local running store).  Sizes 1X to 3X available.

Best use: I’d recommend these for walkers who will be outside this winter in temperatures from 20 degrees to 40 degrees, or runners from 20 degrees to 30 degrees (which for me, is most of the winter!).

Also, this just in – REAL, techincal, good winter jackets (critical for those of you who are running or walking in cold areas training for winter marathons, or half marathons, or just anticipating having an active winter!) are in!  I’m reviewing the options and will have price-scaled links for you later this week…

Week of August 24

As you’re looking forward to fall running, it’s a good time to remember the axiom about dressing for training: you usually want to dress as if it’s 10-15 degrees warmer than the air temp outside (considering wind can drop that temp another 10 degrees).  When the temperature here hits about 50 degrees, I run in a short-sleeved tee and capris.  By 45, I’m probably in a long-sleeved tee and capris.  By 35, I’m dressing for 55, which means I’m in longer pants, and a light underlayer with a light jacket or half-zip top.

That’s where this comes in.  As I’ve said before, if you plan ahead for winter, you can get amazing deals now.

MOving Comfort, one of the ONLY providers of a jacket on the market for plus-sized women, has one of their lightweight jackets on sale now, online, for $38.  I’ve seen it in the store recently, and, when paired with a short or long-sleeved shirt underneath, it should keep you comfortable to about 35 degrees.  Anything less than that, and you’ll need something more substantial.

MCW Jacket

Moving Comfort for Women Tempo Jacket

100% Polyester.  Available in only one color – Cocoa, size 1X-3X.   Price:  $38 (it was $65 in my local running store this weekend).  Click here to order.

The two-way center zip is REALLY helpful for changing seasons, and the mesh vent at the center back is crucial for airing things out.  I love MCW’s jackets, and this is a good purchase if you don’t have a jacket – the best you’ll find on the market for fit and technical superiority.  They sometimes come out with a heavier weight winter jacket, so if you’re running in the winter in a cold climate, you may also look for that jacket this fall.

No Chill Half Zip


Moving Comfort for Women No Chill Half Zip

Available in two colors – Nile (this blue) or Cocoa, Sizes 1X-3X.  Price: $32 (this top retails for about $75 at my local running store.)  Click here to order.

This is a lighter weight half-zip top. You could wear it walking until about 30 degrees with one layer underneath it, but it’s not a “heavy duty” cold weather top.   It’s a nice alternative to a jacket, in that it’s probably warmer, but won’t necessarily block the wind.

The thumb holes are a nice alternative to keeping gloves with you – they cover your hands, but don’t make it necessary to have gloves. It also has a nice, invisible back zip pocket for keys and a phone, and the seams are no-chafe.  If you’re training all fall for an early winter marathon, and you don’t live somewhere warm, this is a great purchase.  Bargain price!






Week of July 27

If you happen to be triathlon training, and can’t quite stomach the idea of going into the water in your bra and compression shorts, but can’t find the right tank, Lands End may have something to help.  They have two “rash guard” shirts on sale right now which both are quick-drying, and also protect from UVA and UVB rays.

I have not used either of these shirts, but you may also consider these if you burn easily, or have a history of skin cancer.  The short-sleeved version is currently $34.50; the long-sleeved is super cute, and $44.50.

SS Rash Guard

Details:  Short Sleeved Rash Guard. UPF 50+. Not too baggy, not too tight. Dries quickly. 80% nylon, 20% lycra. $34.50.  Order here.



LS Rash Guard

Details:  Long Sleeved Rash Guard. UPF 50+. Not too baggy, not too tight. Dries quickly. 80% nylon, 20% lycra. $44.50.  Order here.

Week of July 7

One of the easiest ways to find cheap gear is to shop in the offseason.  It’s that time – when summer temperatures are up, and retailers are ditching some of their fall/winter gear.  I run in Capri pants from 30 degrees to 50 degrees (using the rule of thumb that you should dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer outside than the actual temp – your body heats up that much during a run).  I am, of course, in love with the Nike Perfect Fit Capri, but I also like what Moving Comfort has out there – and right now, they’re on super sale at REI.  Both of these pants are made with wicking fabric, contain NO cotton, and have a nice leg cut.  They also have just enough spandex to keep things from shakin and bakin.

Some bargains for the bottom:

MC Capris

Moving Comfort Capri: (At Left)

 (REI Outlet). $22.99 (from $48.00) Click here to order.


Moving Comfort Bootlet Workout Pants (At Right)

(REI Outlet).  $29.93 (from $64.00).  Click here to order.

MC Bootleg Workout Pants









For other Moving Comfort for Women (Plus Sized) gear on sale at REI Outlet, click here.


Week of June 15

Sometimes you’re looking for a short that you can wear for a walk.  Or to the pool, over your bathing suit. Or to play tennis with friends, or softball, or maybe even horseshoes.  Bocce Ball?  Who knows.  But I find a pair of easy, mesh shorts are kind of indespensable when summer rolls around, and I was REALLY excited to see that Champion has them now, in Plus Sizes.

When I first started getting more active, these were my “go to” shorts, though they were in a women’s XL at the time.  I would LOVE a pair of these – probably in Navy or maybe even purple, since they look like fun.  And at $18, the price is right.

Champion Mesh Shorts

Details:  Champion Mesh Short Available in Purple, Navy, Pink, or Black.  $18.00 here.

Week of June 8, 2009

If you’re getting into Cycling this summer (whether that’s riding to work, or just out with the kids) you may be wishing for a bit more modesty when it comes to your shorts.  You may also be trying to figure out how to get a good bike short that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Enter the Terry Commuter Skort.  First, let me reiterate: Terry makes great clothing for plus-women.  Second, the skort includes a 6-panel bike short (more panels = better fit to your body), with a wrap-around microfiber skirt.  There’s a stretch panel in the back, to make the fabric give a little as you bike. Super cool.  And the price is 50% off what you would normally pay.

Terry is phasing out the Commuter Skort for plus riders, so if you want one, get two!

Details: Terry Commuter Skort, Available in 2X, 3X, 4X.  $45 (reduced from $90) here.

(Sorry, the picture isn’t posting for me, but I swear it’s cute!)

LandsEnd Skort

Week of June 1, 2009

Ready or not, summer is on it’s way.  And if you’re a golfer, walker, picnic-er, or traveler, I’ve found the perfect skort for you!  There is, simply, no other skort on the market that is breathable, A-line, cute, and made for every big active girl out there.

Lands End has it (no surprise there, as they’ve always been good to hit for some casual clothing).  In years past, their fabrics and design haven’t always been flattering, but this skort is perfect.

Details:  Women’s Plus Size Sun Life Skort

Price $29.99 (reduced from $44.50).  Available in 6 colors plus three patterns.  Sizes are going fast – some are already on backorder, so order now if you want one for summer.   Click here to order.

The inseam for the Plus size is 20″, which is just long enough to be modest.  I’m picking one up for my upcoming trip to Spain, days golfing with my friends, and just hacking around town.  Pair it with any tee or a cardigan and a tank, and your favorite sandals, and you’re ready!

Week of May 20, 2009

Okay, maybe I should call this “monthly” gear deals, since I’ve been slacking.  BUT if you’re in need of a summer tank, I found one of my old favorites from Moving Comfort on clearance at Sierra Trading Post.

The temps are rising – time to move to a tank or a short sleeved shirt!

I like this top because it has some style, it’s long, but not too long, and it is about as flattering as can be for a big girl. The newer Moving Comfort Women stuff doesn’t impress me – there’s no detailing, and the fabric is just…bleh.  But this, sunshine-y yellow top (mine is light blue) is super cute, breathes and wicks well, and, for the price, can’t be beat.  Downside: it’s only available here in a 1X (but Moving Comfort runs BIG, so check your measurements against the size chart, and order if you think it will fit).

Moving Comfort Ventus Tank

Moving Comfort Ventus Tank

Price: (Amazingly low): $11.95

    You can order here.

Option 2 for this week comes from Land’s End.  I have this shirt from 2 seasons back in an XL and it’s too small – and I was just thinking about trading up for one that fit – but I haven’t done it yet.  If you’re game, though, the time is right – Lands End just slashed the price on this, and the shirt runs up to a 3X.  The construction is good, and I’ve hiked, kayaked, run and walked in this baby.  And if you’re looking for an icognito shirt to wear to a baseball game, it might work too!

Short Sleeved Performance T

Short Sleeved Performance T

Price: $17.15

You can order here.  I can’t promise the wavy blonde hair though.

That’s it from here! Happy shopping!

Week of April 24, 2009

Moving Comfort Maia Bra – High Impact Running/Walking bra, which wicks quite well (say that three times fast).

$19.93.    (THIS IS A STEAL FOR THIS BRA!!!!)

***Ship for free to a local REI store (there are three in Chicago)

The Moving Comfort Maia bra is a favorite of mine (see Don’t Run Naked above).  But the bra is also usually very expensive – around $44.  In late 2008, Moving Comfort updated the styling on the bra, making the back straps adjustable.  Their change is your gain here, as REI is offering the bra in many colors on clearance through their outlet now.  (The pic below is the 2009 bra, you can see the 2008 version here.)


Order while supplies last:  Go here for more details.

8 thoughts on “Gear Deals

  1. I saw your article in Competitor Magazine this week, and I was happy to see there’s a site for plus-sized athletes! I’m a really active person in the summer (tennis, basketball, bicycling, volleyball), and I’d like to get active in running a 5k. I like Competitor’s mag, but I’m slow and I get discouraged when I don’t see information or advice for bigger people regarding the right apparel, running groups, etc (you need more mens’ stuff). Keep up the good work! I’m a Chicagoan as well – please keep me updated of upcoming fitness events for bigger guys & gals.


  2. what an awesome site!! I found it while searching for info on moving comfort clothes that REI has on really good clearance right now.

    question for you – you said the moving comfort stuff runs big, but is it true to the sizing listed for them? I was looking at the hybrid pants and they are listed as 36-38 for the 1X and 40-42 for the 2X. my waist is at 40″ and getting smaller – which size do you think would work better for me now?

    THANK YOU again for this site!

    • Plus Hiker, THANKS for the great message!

      On the Moving Comfort stuff, my experience is that the sizing runs true to what is listed. If the Hybrid pants are knit (which I think they are) I would size down to the 1X because the 2X will probably feel swimmy in no time!

      Good luck with the purchasing!!!

  3. I also just bought 2 pairs of the Moving Comfort pants. I purchased the Capris from the REI sale and for the most part I am really happy with them. I love how the material feels and the way they fit. The only downside is that I thought they had the inside pocket but they don’t. Also, I wish manufactures would make plus petite size clothing. Believe me, I’m so happy to have clothing that at least fits a little but I’m a shorty and the couch area is always soo long whenever I buy any pants. If anyone finds plus petite stuff, let me know!

    • I love the MC capris, too – and I didn’t think I would. They’re high waisted and a slim fit, very unlike my Nike capris, but I think I like that for an easy run and walk. Mine has an inside pocket but it’s a wierd sideways one without a “cover” so not sure how well it would really work.

      I hear you on petite- except I’m a tall! I’m just over 5’8″ but try finding pants long enough – it’s like hunting for the golden egg 🙂

  4. I wish I was 5′ 8″ I’m 6′ 3 and I have been unsuccessful in finding activewear for someone of my height and being a size 28. Anyone have any suggestions?

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